High-altitude works

High altitude works include repair, installation and cleaning works, performed at a high altitude (more than 5 meters from the ground or enclosed stationary platforms), as well as hard to reach areas without the use of scaffolding. Hoisting and lowering of workers is made by using climbing equipment. This type of service has recently gained wide popularity, especially in big cities, as high-rise buildings require specialized care and maintenance.

Work at height always involves a certain risk. Therefore, the state of climbers of «DEN» is staffed exclusively by experienced and trained professionals who have all the required training and necessary certification, having received approval to carry out work at height. Qualification and experience of our personnel in high altitude allows them to accomplish the work of any complexity, at any height and on objects of various types efficiently and quickly. Our company has received all the legally required permits and is responsible for the safety of performed high-rise work.

Services of climbers from «DEN»

Dust, soot and rainfalls accumulate on city buildings, are rendered impure and contaminate the facades. But the appearance of any building in which are located offices, business premises, supermarkets or public organizations should have a pleasant appearance. Therefore, the owners, worrying about the image of your company, have to take care of the renovation of the facade of the building, squeaky clean facades and panoramic windows, advertising signs. Especially careful owners order at the company DEN also cleaning of the adjacent area around the buildings.

Services of this specialization in Moscow and other large cities are an integral part of our multi-functional cleaning company and cover a range of activities. Our high altitude climbers perform the following types of cleaning, installation and repair works:
• waterproofing interpanel joints, sealing cracks;
• repair of facades, painting them;
• waterproofing roofs of buildings and its small repairs;
• cleaning of metal structures and their further processing with anticorrosive agents, colouring;
• cleaning of dirty facades and metal structures;
• cleaning of production areas with difficult access;
• repair and replacement, if necessary, elements of drainage system of the building;
• installation of outdoor wiring, installation and connection of different lighting devices, cameras, HVAC equipment, installation of antennas, shutters and signage;
• washing of shop windows and window designs;
• installation or removal of structures and promotional services;
• cleaning of the roof structure of the icicles and snow in winter;
• the removal of hazardous trees, cutting and crown reduction pruning.

For the industrial climbers there is no inaccessible places and unattainable heights, they cope with cleaning at the most difficult of any architectural elements of buildings and industrial facilities.

Why to work with the cleaning company «DEN»

Performing work at height cannot be done by the company’s staff with unqualified personnel. Firstly, there are no specialists of the corresponding class, and secondly, — no permits for their accomplishment.
You can use the installation of special woods or rent aerial platforms and hire workers, but it will cost much more expensive than the performance of work by the specialized cleaning company, with professional high-altitude climbers.

Qualified personnel have the right skills, is equipped with first-class modern equipment and cleaning chemicals. The solid climbing equipment we use allows you to quickly navigate to the extent of work in a particular area; it saves time and, consequently, the financial resources of the customer. Great attention is paid to safety. Proven equipment and special equipment, safety supplies and expertise are the key to climbers’ reliability in performing works at the projects of any complexity.

We offer our regular customers substantial discounts on repairs of facades and high-rise cleaning services.

These facts speak eloquently in favour of ordering any type of high-altitude work at the cleaning company «DEN». If you call us, you will get interesting information on any matter relating to the implementation of work at height, and an order can be handled online by completing the on-line form.