Daily complex cleaning

Today, worldwide attention is paid to clean work areas. Many managers of commercial structures, as well as various government agencies are well aware that no matter what area of u200bu200bthe premises and its intended purpose, in any case it needs professional cleaning.

Daily complex cleaning — professional cleaning offices are based on long-term contracts with the use of special cleaning equipment and professional chemical agents. Cleaning the room can be carried out at any time, even at night (when there are no employees and visitors). Based on international standards of cleanliness and hygiene, and personal experience, technical specialists and managers, «DEN» create innovative services for the care of the property for the needs of each client, which combines: a flexible approach to customer needs, taking into account the key features of its business (industrial and food production, trade and service activities related to the compliance regime requirements, network facilities, construction and property management, etc..), the use of modern technologies in production and management services using specialized equipment, machinery, equipment and chemical tools to minimize low-skilled manual labor is the best «price-quality.»

The list of works included in the daily cleaning of the complex:

  • dry (dry mop-system) and wet cleaning (wet mop-system);
  • Chemical cleaning of textile and hard surfaces;
  • sink cabinets, windows and facades of buildings;
  • care for hard floors (marble, granite, hardwood, stone, plastics, flooring tile, linoleum, etc.);
  • Chemical cleaning with application of protective films;
  • Crystallization of hard surfaces;
  • polishing of marble and granite;
  • Dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture;
  • cleaning of sink, toilet and urinal, bath and jacuzzi;
  • Integrated maintenance cleaning adjacent territory;
  • gardening and landscape design;
  • cleaning of high-pressure washing;
  • Sandblasting;
  • Working at height
  • garbage disposal and much more.

Room cleaning is carried out according to the highest European standards by specially trained experts on professional equipment. Professional care of the real estate as a set of activities and operations transferred to the owner or management company in the outsourcing of professional contracting company has many advantages for customers, including:

  • ability to concentrate entirely on their own business;
  • Balanced cost of consumables for the life of the property;
  • effective monitoring of the quality of professional care for the property;
  • the deduction of expenses for services from taxable income;
  • implementation of specialized maintenance work for real estate in a professional manner;
  • observance of sanitary — hygienic norms and requirements for real estate objects;
  • preservation of the market value of the property through his professional service and care.

Our competence — your success!