«DEN» is a professional cleaning company in Russia

Russian business in cleaning services began to emerge as an independent branch of the market after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Prior to this, cleaning of office in Moscow was carried out by the cleaners, janitors, employees of communal brigades and other governmental agencies. But now is time of market economy, which brought the need for institutionalization of cleaning in an independent branch of the economy. Cleaning company is a company that provides all interested persons with cleaning services for various kinds of facilities: offices, schools, factories, shopping malls and others.

The demand for cleaning in the Russian market was brought by Western companies whose offices began to appear first in Moscow and then across the whole country. In large international companies it is not accepted to spend own human resources and time to perform the secondary functionality such as cleaning. Therefore, these companies prefer to transfer such activities for outsourcing. Cleaning company «DEN» is one of companies which first started to provide cleaning services for the clients in Russia. Our customers always get the best services at the reasonable price.

Today cleaning is a widespread line of business in the service sector. Private and public companies use services of professional cleaning companies. Demand for these services has caused growing number of cleaning companies. Now if you are to find a reliable contractor for cleaning, you can simply type in search «cleaning company DEN».

Many companies conduct tenders for professional cleaning, especially if on the purity at production facilities depends the quality of items produced, such as in food or cosmetics industry. Traditionally, autumn and spring is tendering period. To compete, cleaning companies have to be very careful in pricing, quality control and set clear recommendations for services range.

Services of professional cleaning companies include a whole set of different types of cleaning services. Among the most popular cleaning services are:

Cleaning company «DEN» has many years’ experience in servicing of various objects: factories, plants, business centers, shopping and entertainment centers, educational and government institutions. This experience allows us to hold a strong position on the Russian cleaning market, servicing facilities of any complexity. Our company specializes in cleaning for B2B segment, providing professional cleaning services to large commercial and public enterprises.

The geography of our services has grown substantially to the entire territory of Russian Federation.

Contact cleaning company “DEN”, to get a really high-quality professional cleaning services: 8 (800) 505-50-14.