The advantages of working with our company

The advantages10 reasons why choosing the cleaning company «DEN» is the right choice!

  1. Highly qualified staff. For each type of work, we hire the staff with the appropriate specialization. Our staff includes high-rise climbers, spidermen, repairers, cleaners, gardeners, and many other specialists. The entire staff is certified, and has available the necessary licenses for a particular types of work.
  2. Service quality, time-tested. Positive feedback from our regular customers can maintain an impeccable reputation and leading position of «DEN» at the sphere of cleaning services in Russia. We are satisfied only when our customers are happy. That’s why we are trusted to clean huge enterprises, office buildings, business and trade centers, medical facilities, confectioneries, restaurants, and even schools.
  3. Optimization of the number of employees in your state. Our customers do not need to hire and control the cleaners’ attendance. We do the selection of qualified personnel and are responsible for the quality of work which they perform.
  4. The cost savings on cleaning. Our clients will not have to worry about buying garbage bags, toilet paper, napkins and other consumables. Not taking into account the specialized cleaning equipment, which we have around 30 types of. We optimally minimize the cost of purchase, delivery and storage of all necessary tools and materials for cleaning. Our range of detergents is completely harmless to humans and the environment, the leading brands items are commonly used in our everyday work.
  5. Warranty use only proven, certified chemicals and professional equipment. Our experts know exactly, with which item of detergents the marble floor should be washed with, and what means are safer for cleaning in the food unit. Requirements for storage and treatment of medical facilities are all quite different, so we individually select the products for cleaning and care, depending on the type of facility and the customer’s wishes.
  6. Repairs will need to be done less often with specially designed cleaning tools and technologies, increasing the life of flooring, interior and exterior design elements, furniture designs, etc. The employees of the cleaning company “DEN” are the real professionals, and their work will not harm your furniture or equipment.
  7. Flexible cleaning schedule. We pay the attention to the needs of our clients, so you can choose the most convenient schedule for cleaning. We provide office cleaning in the convenient time of the day, or at night.
  8. Responsiveness to customer requirements. Our staff is ready to fulfill their purpose within a few hours after your call, and complete the work as soon as possible. This is made possible thanks to the coordinated work of our management team and professional cleaners.
  9. Flexibility in the form of payments. We practice the convenient forms of payment for each client, by his choice. This is another great asset in working with clients.
  10. Quality control. Independently developed and tested by time and experience, our quality assessment system provides the high performance of cleaning services to our clients. The proofs for this are the hundreds of recommendation letters, and the willingness of our clients to continue the cooperation with the cleaning company “DEN” in the future.