Cleaning of offices

Office — is not only a workplace of multiple employees, but the room is constantly visited partners, contractors and customers. Within its walls and deals are contract, held meetings and developed various plans and activities. Attractive appearance of the room is a part of the image of the company and depends on many factors, among which an important element is clean and tidy.

Maintaining impeccable cleanliness in offices can be ensured only by professional cleaning. This service is widely distributed in Moscow and other large cities of our country and the wide-cleaning company «DEN» has long been successfully operating in the services segment, gaining an excellent reputation and a lot of regular customers.

Features of cleaning offices

Any kind of professional cleaning has its own specific characteristics. This also applies to cleaning offices. It differs primarily large areas of space and the large number of computer and office equipment that requires delicate handling during harvesting. Cluster folder with documentation and various papers leads to the formation of paper dust. In addition, the building housing the state agencies or offices of various companies every day there are hundreds or even thousands of visitors, so the room is applied mud from the outside, from the street.

Caring for the convenience of customers waiting for reception, offices equipped with comfortable furniture, which needs constant cleaning because the interior is actively absorbs dust particles. It requires a thorough cleaning and a variety of floor coverings.

The specifics of each organization makes its own adjustments to the basic list of cleaning services, which must be agreed with the customer and is stipulated in the concluded agreement.

A typical set of services aimed at maintaining the cleanliness of the office, is composed of the following types of cleaning:

  • remove dust from all surfaces and items, including office equipment;
  • Wash glass and mirror surfaces, lighting fixtures;
  • cleaning of upholstered furniture;
  • floor cleaning and wet cleaning of floors;
  • the removal of debris from the baskets and boxes;
  • cleaning and disinfection of toilets.

This list is adjusted according to the customer and can be supplemented by any kind klinigovyh works.

Cleaning of offices from the company «DEN» — is beneficial

Every year a growing number of organizations and companies who use the service in the field of cleaning, knowing that the content of the cleaners in your state becomes impractical. Therefore cleaning services in terms of outsourcing are becoming more and more popular.

Since the conclusion of the contract with the company «DEN» the customer is no longer distracted by the need to organize the processes of harvesting and implement the required control during its implementation, purchasing different equipment, tools and cleaning supplies. The cleanliness of the premises will follow experts who know a lot and the specifics of any cleaning.

The scope of services is determined in each case individually. Its design takes into account not only the working area of ​​the premises, but also the materials used in the interior, the specifics of the company, which affects the number of visitors, and many other factors.

Our employees undergo mandatory refresher course, so no problems coping with pollution of any complexity. The company’s specialists are responsible for each of the objects served, monitor the quality of cleaning, use, and consumption of detergents and cleaning agents. Cooperation with the company «DEN» is sure to bring the desired dividends in the form of an impeccable cleanliness of your office, so apply for cleaning, belonging to your organization today, not putting off.