Cleaning after repair

Completed repairs and required to restore order. Cleaning after repair can be called a fairly laborious process, because you want to remove the remains of mortar, stains, paint, whitewash or glue, wash the door and window design, clean flooring, and sometimes the front of the building. Therefore, this work should be entrusted to professional cleaning.

The reserve of specialists of «DEN» but a huge experience and professional knowledge has quality equipment and excellent facilities for cleaning and washing.

All these factors make it possible to achieve excellent results and lead placement in the proper form after repairs. With the advanced technology we are capable of all works related to cleaning the premises of any remnants of building materials.

Turning to our company you will do absolutely the right move, and your costs will be justified, because:

  • efficient removal of residues from all surfaces of various materials;
  • perfectly executed cleaning radiators, pipes, door panels, window sills, plumbing fixtures from traces of whitewash or paint;
  • impeccably clean washed windows and other glass and mirror surfaces;
  • high-quality cleaning of floor coverings;
  • Conduct a final general cleaning every room.

When the cleaning process used posleremontnogo Professional cleaning equipment and chemicals needed. If necessary, removal of construction waste is produced.

Why should contact the cleaning company «DEN» in Moscow?

Today, in the construction and repair of used expensive modern finishing materials, so cleaning up after repair is characterized by its specifics and subtleties. With the removal of certain stains handle only certain chemicals correctly pick which afford only experienced professionals. Do not do without professional equipment.

This type of cleaning is carried out by a specialized team as soon as possible «turnkey», and customers, the owners of business centers, various retailers and offices, representatives of administrative organizations can be immediately assimilated in renovated premises.

If you compile all the benefits appeal to our professional cleaning company, they can be characterized by:

  • high quality of the works as soon as possible;
  • an integrated approach to cleaning posleremontnogo turnkey;
  • competent use of innovative technologies and products;
  • professional organization of all work processes, which provide the correct treatment of various decorations;
  • moderate cost of services.

We perform cleaning after repairs in Moscow premises of any size, regardless of their purpose, and are happy to provide professional cleaning services:

  • Administrative and municipal bodies and organizations and communal services;
  • industrial enterprises;
  • health-care facilities;
  • banking and financial institutions;
  • trade enterprises;
  • Business center and owners of various offices;
  • transport companies and logistic centers.

To determine the characteristics of post-repair cleaning an object leaves the representative of our company, the customer advises and coordinates the entire scope of work, and then the calculation of the cost and is a contract to perform works. Their progress monitored by a specialist, and certainly at the end of harvest is accepted by the customer after the repair.

Each customer can order a full range of services, or a specific set of cleaning services for post-repair cleaning, it is enough to make a call on my contact phone or place an order at our site.