Dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture

In the operation of carpeting is collected in the dust, sand, hard, heavy particles that fall to the bottom of the pile, begin to cut the fiber when stepped on them feet. Grains with sharp edges triggered as scissors, cutting off the pile. Carpet fibers begins to dust on the surface of the carpet and bald patches appearing pellets, under the carpet and reproduce biological allergens (dust mites, etc.) Therefore, poorly cleaned the carpet wears out quickly, spoils the interior and becomes a source of harmful particles inhaled by all is in the room. Shoe normal or even wet vacuum removes only 10-15% of contamination from the surface.

There are three methods of carpet cleaning:

1) Dry carpet cleaning

The process of dry cleaning is that, relatively dry, pre-prepared foam is distributed inside the carpet with roller or disc brushes. The foam dissolves the dirt in the carpet and can be expanded after a relatively short time. After drying, the foam is going to a vacuum cleaner. The advantage of this technology lies in the fact that only a small amount of moisture involved in a process that is very important, if the carpet or cover lies on the floor, board or canvas, as the moisture does not have time to penetrate into the carpet.

2) Wet carpet cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning is to distribute the cleaning solution using a disk machine, which with the help of a strong mechanical influence can even clean the very dirty carpet. After the distribution of cleaning solution made by its removal ekstraktornym.

3) An intensive cleaning of carpets

Intensive cleaning is used to clean the carpet with a superstrong pollution (chewing gum, patches of unknown character, zastarevshie spots, trampled areas). Its technology is similar to the wet cleaning of carpets, the only difference is the individual approach to each of contamination.

Upholstered furniture cleaning

In the operation of the furniture: sofas, chairs, stools — worn out, exposed to various contaminants. As a result, the furniture takes on an unattractive appearance, and it can ruin the interior of your premises. Dry cleaning of contaminated furniture is a pretty serious problem — greasy armrests, seat cushions instilled clean yourself very hard. The technology of deep wet cleaning involves neskolko stages:

The first stage
Vacuum cleaning upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs, mattresses, chairs, etc.), a dry cleaner.

The second stage
Visual inspection of furniture in order to determine the most appropriate cleaning agents. After that is testing that will determine not cause whether or not a cleaning agent of any changes in color and texture of fabric upholstery.

The third stage
Processing upholstery chemical cleaners. The fabric is applied to a special solution or foam. For more effective interaction of cleaning solution to pollution and the separation of dirt particles from fabric, cleaning is the wetted surface with a soft brush.

The fourth stage
Removal of dirt and chemicals from upholstery with ekstraktornoy machine.

We used chemical agents are certified, environmentally friendly, allows you to remove: dirt and spots, odors of different origin. Drying time cleaning facility 12.7 hours, depending on temperature, humidity and air flow in the area.